Giant List of Heroku Resources

 herokuGiant List of Heroku Resources


To get started, really all you need to do is sign up for a free account and push your apps there.

Hands-on Tutorial (Trailhead):

Heroku Cheatsheet: Heroku CheatSheet

How to get started with Heroku:

Check out Heroku Buttons ( You can deploy a blogging platform like Ghost (a spin off from WordPress) on Heroku, with the click of one button from the Heroku Buttons Gallery. Or you can choose other Add-Ons from

If you are creating mobile apps, then check out Heroku CX Patterns ( which provides pre-built templates for mobile apps you can use to fast track your development.

Heroku Forums (, Heroku Google Group (!forum/heroku) and StackExchange ( have very engaged and thriving Heroku user communities.

“How to Migrate Your PHP Application to Heroku” is a quick and easy overview of the key steps in going to Heroku Cloud:

Hot & Heavy List of Heroku Development Resources:

How Heroku works